Building a Consulting Brand

The Number 1 Thing You Never Say to a Potential Client

The first video in this series is about the one thing you should NEVER EVER say to a potential client. I’m starting with this one because, well…if we don’t cover this, you won’t have any of the right clients talking to you—and the rest of the videos would be a waste of your time. This […]

Personal Branding

How to Succeed as a Consultant Based on Your Personality

Each personality type has it’s opportunities for success and some major threats that could keep you from being successful as a consultant. I’ve written some advice to help you take a practical look at how to use your consulting personality type to your advantage—and avoid some of the dangers specific to your personality type. Choose […]

Words of Advice

Why Most New Consultants Fail in their First Six Months

When I was in high school, several of my teachers told me that college would be so hard that I shouldn’t expect As. When I started getting Ds in my college algebra class—a subject I normally ACED—I thought that’s how it was supposed to be. When I saw the class getting tough, I let myself […]