We want your audience to put some respeck on your brand — and send some checks to your brand. Here’s how we help make that happen:

1-On-1 Calls

Sometimes you need to talk it out to get to your solution. Whether you need help figuring out your next money making step, or you’re ready to finally get your ish all the way together, we can help you get right.

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Our masterclasses cover topics that help you grow your brand and business or 9–5 career. Tune into a single masterclass or become a member and get access to them all.

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Signature Programs

You need courses with structured plans that build your brand and take you through the steps you need to earn more money and be a boss (not just look like one). We have the material — and we don’t skimp on the details.

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Agency Services

We provide a range of branding and marketing services, including brand and website design, social media marketing and marketing, and more. All of our agency services include Brand Therapy sessions, aligning your brand’s personality with your brand’s look and feel, so that you make deep and meaningful connections with your audience.

House of Brand Therapy has a full-service design and marketing team at your disposal to bring your brand, or rebrand, to life and grow your audience.

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