How to Build a Brand, Season 1 Rundown


Episode Transcript

Hey, you made it! Welcome to How to Build a Brand with House of Brand Therapy.

My name is Naya the Creative and I’m the Founder of House of Brand Therapy, which you can learn about at

This podcast is a series of short episodes that make huge points about how to build a brand people love.

My hope is that you take what you learn here to make meaningful decisions about your brand and put yourself in a space where you can take informed action with your brand, so that you become the leader in your space.

Whether you’re here because you want to build your first brand, rebrand yourself or your business, or just want to understand how to use branding to your advantage, this podcast should offer you some guidance that makes this whole branding easier.

In this first season, I plan to do three things…

First, I’m going to do a few episodes on fine-tuning your niche, or, as I like to say, niching down.

I’m doing that first because I think it’s so important to understand early. I truly believe niching down can save you time and energy and make your brand grow faster. It can also make your marketing much more effective than having a vague “my brand is for everyone” kind of brand.

Next, I’m going to do a few episodes on online branding and some of the traps we fall into when we decide to put effort into it.

That series will be a reality check of sorts.

After those two series, I hope to introduce you to some people who are doing a great job of branding themselves, their products, and their services.

I’m really excited about this season and I hope you all love it.

If you’re interested in Brand Therapy and are wondering “how can I get some of that!?” slide on over to

…but maybe stick around for a few episodes first.

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