From 9-5 to Consultant™ – The Consulting Business Accelerator

From 9–5 to Consultant™ – The Consulting Business Accelerator

Launch your consulting brand without #thestruggle!

Become the top-dollar consultant you want to be—without years of waiting to get paid!


“It’ll take years before you’re profitable”
“…but how are you gonna get clients though?”

File those under:
#ShitPeopleWhoveNEVERHadAConsultingBusiness say.

You can (and should) be profitable—from the jump.

I’ll show you how.

Your Current Situation

You’ve been toying around with the idea of working for yourself for years.

You imagine what it must be like to work your own hours, choose the clients you work with, and work from home (or wherever else you want) when you feel like it.

Becoming a consultant just makes sense for you.

As much as you know this is going to give you the freedom and flexibility you need in your life, you haven’t made the time to build a business (I mean, how long is that gonna take??). But the real problem—if we can be honest—is you honestly aren’t sure how to make it work.

You know you have the skills to be a great consultant, but you have no idea how to replace your income (because you don’t know how to get and keep clients).

Even though you aren’t in love with the idea of working for someone else forever, your job has always been secure, and you really appreciate that.

Well, today, the world of working for other people is a little different and you’ve probably learned that it’s actually not a safe bet to only know how to make money if you’re employed by some other company. All of a sudden, it’s hella clear that you need to know how to make money without your job.

Is all of this sounding familiar?

It’s time to stop putting all of your eggs in one basket.

Having “one of them good jobs” is not the end goal—it’s just a nice start for a 22-year-old fresh out of college. Being able to make that good money is the goal.

Doing it all on your own terms is the dream.

Let me show you how to live that dream.

Allow me to introduce: From 9–5 to Consultant™ – The Consulting Accelerator for Women Ready to Quit Their 9-5 Jobs.

From 9–5 to Consultant™ gets you on the fast track to landing your first consulting clients.

You’ll use your existing experience to rebrand yourself and show potential clients why they should hire you—and then actually get hired!

You might think you don’t even have a brand to rebrand. That’s not true. You might think you don’t have “experience” because you’ve never worked with your own clients before. That’s also not true.

You have what it takes because you’re not actually new at this, but you still think you’re not ready. That’s O.K.

It’s my job to get you ready—and I’m really good at my job!

Hidden Figures Gif

Here’s what you’ll slay at when you complete From 9–5 to Consultant™:

  • Showing your potential clients why they should work with you—instead of working with anyone else
  • Leveraging your career history to help you land new clients in your business
  • Making connections with your potential clients that make them want to work with you immediately (and find the money to pay you)
  • Developing your personal brand so that dream clients start coming to you
  • Creating a brand-supported pricing structure that allows you to pay yourself and a team—well!

This is for you if…

  • ◆ You want to get consulting right—the first time
  • ◆ You don’t want to wait a year to see real income
  • ◆ You want to do the work you care about
  • ◆ You are good at solving a big problem
  • ◆ You want a business plan that works

Become the consultant who makes a difference

Part of doing good in the world is actually impacting the people you want to help. If you can’t land clients, you can’t solve their problems, and they never get to benefit from the magic that is you. Your fear of putting yourself out there is keeping other people from their greatness.

Don’t be stingy with your magic.

You might be asking…

“But…what’s it really like to be a consultant?”

Honestly? It’s pretty great.

I’m very selective of my clients and I name my price.

I don’t work everyday.

I pay people to do the parts I don’t want to do (or don’t know how to do).

I collect big checks—and I get to spend a lot of time playing video games (or FaceTiming my niece)—while my clients thank me profusely for my help.

I’ve never felt more respected as a professional as I do when I’m consulting or offering brand therapy—even though, as a consultant, I do less hard work than I ever have.

full disclosure

When I’m talking about consulting, I’m not just talking about my work in brand therapy. I’m also a marketing consultant. I really just do that because it’s easy money for me. If you have a full-time job and you’ve been in your industry over 3 years, it’s a missed opportunity (money left on the table) to not consult on the side. People would pay to benefit from what you know. If you don’t help them, someone else will.

I can show you how to make a living as a consultant in the way that matches the lifestyle you want. I’ve tried a variety of consulting models and it’s not one-size-fits-all.

You should choose your consulting business model based on what you want your life to look like. Consulting looks different for consultants who want to be very hands on and up close with their clients than it looks for consultants who want to talk to clients only once a week while being (or living) wherever they want to be.

a few things you need to know

From 9–5 to Consultant™ actually works. This isn’t a get rich quick scheme. This program will show you if consulting is right for you or not.

If you’re afraid of any of those, don’t be.

The real thing to be afraid of is this: you might like this lifestyle so much that you want to jump in with both feet before you’re ready.

Here’s what I mean:

You might get through the first 2-3 weeks of the program and think “That’s it! That’s all I need to know! I’m ready to fly solo!” And, you might be right.

But, more likely, you’re be very excited in those first three weeks, still it would be wise to get through the whole six weeks before you take off the training wheels.

It’s very possible that you’ll land your first client before the program is over, but you’re likely to charge too little money (because we don’t develop your entire finance structure until week 5—you do want to learn how to price your services and manage the money, right?).

So, yes you’ll have a client, but then you may kick yourself because you realize you left money on the table.

I’m just asking you to pace yourself.

Can I Just say…?

Let’s talk about get rich quick schemes…

They promise you’ll make a lot of money in a very short amount of time without you doing much work. In some ways, this might feel like that. If you’re used to only making your money from a paycheck, you might feel like you’ve hit the lotto when someone hands you a check for thousands of dollars for something you can do in your sleep.

You are going to do a lot of work, it’s just not the work you think you’re going to do. This program isn’t about your consulting niche at all. It doesn’t really matter what your background is. You’re going to learn to brand yourself as a consultant so people feel comfortable paying you. That takes work.

I make the work simple, but you still have to do it.

However, because this is an accelerator, the hardest part will be over soon. Then you’ll repeat what you learned whenever you want a new client.

Get a 1-on-1 brand development call with me!

Complete the course on schedule and you’ll get a FREE 1-on-1 call with me to discuss your brand launch! We’ll talk about your prices, how to get your ideal clients to fall in love with your brand, and anything else you need to have a successful launch!

(These calls alone are worth over $1,000)

I gained so much insight from our conversation!

Yuntalay photo

Prior to the call, I was still unsure of the specific service I wanted to offer and speaking with Naya helped me narrow my focus and identify my niche.

She was patient, attentive and helped me develop a cohesive vision for my brand.

The call helped me gain clarity and now I feel more confident that I’m headed in the right direction.

I highly recommend the 1-on-1 session!

Yuntalay Gadson


The 1-on-1 call with Naya was immensely helpful!

Naya helped me to refine my service offering and hone in on the key demographic for my business.

After speaking with her, I have more confidence in my ability to deliver high value services that will sell themselves to my target audience.

B. Smith


We’re skipping years of trial and error

This is an accelerator because we’re skipping the years of trial and error most consultants spend figuring out which way is the right way to land clients.

We’re skipping the years of charging prices that are too low. We’re skipping the “I had to do everything myself because I couldn’t afford to pay anyone” years. We’re accelerating right to, “this is how much it costs—I take cash and cards.”

Oh, and I fully expect you to pay multiple people to do work for you in your first 6 months (probably first 3).

Week 1

How do you sell yourself when you’re new here?

You need to sell people on your ability to do your job well. How do you do that?

You also need to convince people you have the right experience to get them to pay you.

Do you know how to do that? You gon’ learn this week!

Clarify your target audience

Week 2

Clarifying your target audience

Who is going to pay for this high ticket service? And once you find them, how do you know what it takes to warm them up to you? How long should it take?

We’ll iron this out and make it easier for your potential clients to open up their wallets.

Week 3

Speaking to your people, in their language

I’m not going to make you bilingual, per se, but we will work on speaking to your target audience about what they want to know, the way they want to hear it.

Whether this is direct conversation, social media messaging, or even email marketing, we need you to solidify your brand (and your audience’s trust) through your communication, in their language.

Week 4

What makes your business work?

If you want consulting to be your business—which pays you even when you don’t have clients—then you need to know what it takes to run your business.

We’ll figure out what your business needs in order to make the money you want, keep you operating professionally, and keep your clients happy to pay you.

Show me your prices

Week 5

Show me the money! What are your prices and costs?

Now that we’ve figured out all the important things that go into this, we can determine your prices, your income goals, predict your spending, and identify the kind of help you’ll be able to afford (and when).

We need to take the guesswork out of your finances. This is a really eye-opening and super exciting week. It’s really, really important that we get all the other stuff together before we get to this module.

Week 6

After you’ve landed your first client, how do you land more clients?

This module truly readies you to send your brand into the world to land clients. Landing your first client, with guidance? Not so hard. Landing more clients while you’re already working with clients? A little tougher.

Let’s prepare you for that so you don’t drop the ball.

Stop taking your experience for granted!

People who aren’t as experienced as you are getting further than you (and landing more clients than you) because they know the right things to say. Imagine where you’d be with your work ethic and the skills to sell people on you.

Thank you for creating this!

The Library of Success is a genius idea. I knew that I should record my wins, but I did not have a strategy around how I should phrase or even think about my wins and work experiences.

Karinna Schultz

Advertising Professional

*The Library of Success Training is the starting point of this program and will explode the trajectory of the business you’re about to start.

You don’t need a perfect logo, Instagram feed, or subscribers on YouTube—you need to build an actual brand clients trust.

Consulting only works if you know how to work it…

Consulting sounds easy because, let’s face it: if you know your ish, then consulting is easy.

The hard part is building a brand clients trust, getting those clients to pay you, and charging prices they want to pay (that also actually cover your lifestyle).

The consulting isn’t hard, but it’s hella hard to get clients if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Let’s make that part easy for you—now.

Stop shying away from your next step!

If you can’t make clients see why you’re the person they need to work with, they won’t work with you, no matter how good you are. Point blank. There are people who aren’t better at your job, but know how to talk to potential clients—and they’re not shy about any of what they say. Let me show you how to do that.

In case you don’t already know me…


I’m Naya the Creative & I’m passionate about you using what you have to get what you want in your life, career, business, and pocket!

Hi! I’m Naya. I am a Brand Therapist, international speaker, writer, all around creative, and lover of GIFs. I’ve been handling internationally acclaimed brands, household name brands, and niche brands, for over 10 years. I’m currently based in SE Asia Europe.

My mission is to help you use your personality, passion, and personal experiences to materialize your ideal lifestyle via entrepreneurial success, career elevation, and personal development & fulfillment.


Do I have to be available on a certain day? Is this a live course?

Nope! Lessons will be available via video 24/7. You can complete the course at your pace. However, I highly recommend you follow the release schedule of the course.

On Days 1, 2, and 3, you’ll have access to a new module. After that, a new module will unlock each week. There are 8 learning modules to complete.

How long before I see results?

I fully expect you to start getting attention from potential clients before you finish the accelerator. You’ll learn how to keep that attention while we’re working together.

How quickly you get clients comes down to how committed you are to using what you know to reach them and sign them (you gotta close the sales!). I’m confident—even if you only do this part time—that you can pick up a client who pays for the cost of this program in under 6 months.

How long will I have access to the community?

Generally, six months.

However, for now, as long as you act right, you can stay as long as you want :-). The community is for alumni who have completed the material. You’ll get access once you complete the first 8 modules.

The private group is for you to share lessons you’ve learned, ask questions about clients, and brag about your wins. Bragging is highly encouraged!

If I’m not into this or something comes up or I never start the course, I can get a refund right?

There are no refunds. Any related accommodations or concessions are at our discretion.

However, if you are delayed in getting started and that delay interferes with your participation in live activities, we can discuss granting you delayed access to time-sensitive activities like 1-on-1 calls, if your purchase includes time-sensitive options.

From 9–5 to Consultant™

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The Consulting Accelerator for Women Ready to Quit Their Jobs

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