What is House of Brand Therapy?

House of Brand Therapy is here to facilitate your rebrand. Our full-service support team rebuilds brands that are performing below their best and turns them into brands that lead their niche. House of Brand Therapy is open to businesses that need rebranding and people who are rebranding themselves into business people.

Here’s who we help.

(FYI, House of Brand Therapy is solely an online house. It means we have plenty of space for guests like you!)

Why are we obsessed with rebrands?

Failed rebrands can make people think it’s their idea that’s broken and lead them to quit the business. That’s heartbreaking! We hate to see it.

The Problem: Brand owners mistake makeovers for rebrands.

They think a new look alone will solve their business challenges. Then they’re disappointed when the makeover “doesn’t work”. Makeovers and redesigns (without developing the brand’s personality and marketability) usually just make beautiful messes.

That’s not our style. We believe in a clean home 😉

Your brand’s job isn’t to make you look good. Your brand’s job is to help people feel good about making the decision you want them to make. You need more than a new look to get people to trust you at that level.

We’ll help you get that trust.

Why House of Brand Therapy?

When a brand tries to be what it thinks it should be instead of using what it already is to relate to buyers, people don’t trust it. Brand therapy gets to the root of who a brand is and how it can uniquely earn the trust of paying customers. Getting to the truth of this brand is key to creating a brand people can’t get enough of.

After therapy, we’ll match you up with design and marketing teams who can get your brand in front of people who can’t wait to love you. House of Brand Therapy takes a full-service, whole-brand approach to rebranding. We start your rebrand by rebuilding what’s under the surface and work our way outward.

You wouldn’t rebuild a house on a bad foundation, would you?

We wouldn’t.

And you are…

We know most brand owners can benefit from House of Brand Therapy, however, we selectively work people on achieving specific brand goals. If you’ve seen our ads or heard a podcast that felt like it was just for you, you probably have exactly the kind of brand we work with. To be sure, see if you nod along to any of the descriptions below.

  • You are a freelancer who wants to grow your freelancing into a business that supports you (so you can take a vacation or pay yourself for sick days)
  • You want to leave your 9-5 job to start a service-based or consulting business (related to what you did in your 9-5)
  • You want to invest in and grow your blog, podcast, or other content creation platform
  • You’re a founder who needs to separate your personal brand from your business’s brand
  • You have a freelance business, but you can’t land clients who pay you as well as you want to be paid
  • You own a business and need to rebrand or reach a new audience
  • You are a solopreneur, or the lead decision maker for your brand (if you and your business partner aren’t on the same page, or if you need a team’s buy-in before you can make a decision, House of Brand Therapy’s methods may not work for you at this time)