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Most of us have had that certain tune that we cannot hear for a long time as it reminds all of us of a guy or girl just who smashed our very own center. Or that tune that renders you laugh thinking about wonderful memories along with your high-school memories years following breakup. Some music merely meets all of us inside our cardiovascular system of hearts and then we can not assist but hook it up — better or even for worse — to all of our exes.

Honoring National Ex time, HelloGiggles is getting super personal: right here are some of the tunes that remind all of us (either fondly or not-so-much) of our exes, memories, and heartbreak.

“The Ascent of Stan” by Ben Folds:

“Anytime my high-school sweetheart would drive us to class, he’d blast this in the car each day. You are aware as soon as you hear a track sufficient instances you ask yourself the reasons why you previously enjoyed it to start with? Yeah, i obtained fed up with this track following the 20th time reading it, immediately after which I heard it about a million instances next. This Has Been very nearly five years since we separated, and only today may I hear it without half-screaming ‘UGH, never THIS TRACK AGAIN.'”

Sammy Nickalls
, staff members copywriter

“Residence” by Phillip Phillips:

“When, we totally punished my self in an on-and-off again affair with an in depth pal of my own. Whenever we finally decided to GO BECAUSE OF IT and get together ‘forever,’ the guy forced me to a slideshow of images people over the years for this track. Within a few months, he was with another person and that I ended up being devastated (once more). Whenever I notice this track now, slightly anger bomb detonates in my own center for my previous self. As far as I’d like to be good in regards to the entire experience, we let that tiny explosion of injured be a reminder never to enable anyone to address me personally such as that once again.” –

Christina Wolfgram
, video music producer

“Must’ve Accomplished One Thing Appropriate” by Relient K:

“the final time I positively assigned a song to a connection had been this, considering that the music movie was about soccer, and that I was enthusiastic about a son on my highschool’s team.” –

Kate Lindsay
, employees publisher

“Please Bleed” by Ben Harper & the simple attackers:

“I graduated from high school 15 years back but each and every time I notice this track, we ~still~  consider my high school boyfriend cheating on myself. (He said the hickeys on their neck were bruises from soccer and I also believed him!) The song is just about wanting to know when the person who hurt you has any humanity around.


melodramatic.” –

Jessica Wakeman
, news editor

“Hoy No Quiero Verte Nunca Más” by Franny Glass:

“regardless of the actually happy melody, this tune title practically implies ‘Today, I never want to see you once more.’ I have never really had a *bad* break-up in the same manner we’ve wound up hating one another, so the track perfectly catches my personal extreme emotions of harm with all the matter-of-fact nature of our own diverging routes.” –

Quyen Nguyen-Le
, article intern

“Good Girl” by Cat Electricity:

“This song reminds me personally of someone I became with, and we also simply just weren’t right for each other. He treated myself severely, but I cared about him anyhow, and that I don’t such as the way it felt.” –

Rosemary Donahue
, assistant publisher

“Midnight City” by M83:

“This track sometimes reminds myself of first-time I kissed my personal date in university, and all of the several months we spent getting together with our buddies a short while later that season, but although we’d a messy break up, it is still a fantastic memory.”

– Sammy Nickalls

“Whatever It Really Is” by Zak Brown Band:

“This tune is delighted nevertheless helps make me sad. When I hear it I’m straight away in a pick-up using my school sweetheart, operating x-country with this specific song blasting. Whenever the range, ‘every time I make an effort to inform her how I believe referring down ‘I adore you’ played, however seek out the traveler chair and look right at myself. Still breaks my cardiovascular system.” –

Elena Sheppard
, society publisher

“Boy using Coin” by Iron and drink:

“A very sweet kid when helped me two CDs of his favored songs, but the guy don’t record some of the songs’ names or artists. For a solid year, I imagined he and I also had been the sole two human beings that had heard this song. Nevertheless can make me contemplative and gently happy.” –

Christina Wolfgram

“Holocene” by Bon Iver


“For most tunes, in this way one, I don’t realize they make me personally consider an union until they arrive on, and I’m moved returning to this individual’s freshman dormitory area where we might lay on the backs and chat while music played. –

Kate Lindsay

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“Cold Shoulder” by Adele:

“This guy wasn’t an ex . . . because he previously a girlfriend . . . just who he said however break-up beside me for. (He didn’t. Shock!) Each time I listen to the lyric ‘once you check myself I wish I was the lady,’ I-go straight back to becoming 24 plus in crave with a person that brought myself on then threw me personally within the bus. –

Jessica Wakeman

“Proceed” by Rilo Kiley:

“This only a generally speaking fantastic separation track, and reminds me of when you’re looking any explanation to go out of someone, or perhaps you’re pushing some one away and trying to find reasons in order to get these to give you. It’s about making excuses on your own as well as each other, without taking a look at the actual issues.” –

Rosemary Donahue

“Get Low” by Lil Jon:

“I decrease in love for the first time for this track in eighth quality, dressed in a polo and denim top because #fashion and #boys and #puberty.” –

Christina Wolfgram

“Shrug” by Ani Di Franco:

“i’ll love Ani forever. Virtually every track of hers is very important for me, but ‘Shrug’ was the anthem for my large Terrible Breakup In My Mid-20s. We existed collectively and he began flirting with an other woman, after that broke up with me over the phone and requested me to transfer of one’s apartment. It absolutely was ~really~ shitty in which he only cleaned his hands of myself completely. There is one lyric, ‘why does each apology audio a lot more like a shrug’ that encapsulates that break up perfectly.” –

Jessica Wakeman


“Child Blue” by Badfinger:

“The tune that makes me contemplate my personal worst separation is actually “child Blue” by Badfinger, because it symbolized REALLY a conclusion of a time. Like, I’d eventually done all of

Splitting Bad

and that I had no idea what I was actually expected to perform with my life today. How could I even binge another tv series after


?? Oh wait. . . it is about a dude? Yeah, i’ven’t separated with one among them in sometime but like, the conclusion a television binge is actually kinda like a breakup i assume. . . ?” –

Rachel Paige
, personnel creator

What tunes never ever neglect to advise


of an ex? Write to us inside commentary!

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