How does Group Brand Therapy work?

Group Brand Therapy is a series of sessions designed to help brand owners make a major brand transition, while benefiting from the support of both the Brand Therapist and the other brand owners in the group. Group Brand Therapy sessions are generally virtual, with an option for in-person sessions if appropriate for the group.

Group Brand Therapy aims to help you see results in under a month.

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Group Brand Therapy

Group Brand Therapy is broken into three sessions to help you through the three key phases of your brand transition.

Three Key Phases:

  1. Identification – we’ll identify current brand struggles, ideal outcomes, and outline steps that will help you reach your goal in the least amount of time
  2. Investigation – this is when you’ll begin to build a case to support the direction you’d like to take your brand. We’ll work together on getting the information you need to complete a successful brand transition.
  3. Implementation – with all of the information you’ve gathered, and while having a clear understanding of who your brand is and why it’s the most relevant brand for your audience, you will be guided through strategic steps to circulate your brand in front of your ideal audience.

Group Brand Therapy is best for those who do not require legal confidentiality from other participants.

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