What is Brand Therapy?

Brand Therapy is a method of developing a brand that is in transition. A brand might be transitioning from unknown in the target market to becoming the most desirable option in that market. Or, a brand could be having a complete reinvention.

Brand Therapy aims to help a brand get through that transition smoothly.

You should highly consider Brand Therapy if you're thinking about rebranding.

Why do people get rebrands wrong?

A true rebrand is a change in the character of a brand. People often think a rebrand is only a new logo, or new colors, or a new website, or new any visual element. That would be a brand makeover—not a rebrand.

If you actually want to change the way people think about or interact with your brand (i.e. choose you over someone else), or if you want to reach a new audience altogether, then Brand Therapy is probably a fit for you.

How is Brand Therapy different from brand strategy or consulting?

Brand Strategy and Brand Consulting are both a part of creating a strong brand presence—you get some of both in Brand Therapy. However, neither Brand Strategy nor Brand Consulting focuses on creating an authentic brand, infusing the best parts of the founders’ personalities into that brand, and developing the brand so that it’s relatable to the right people.

As you know, people (your customers and clients) connect with people—not businesses. Brand Therapy aims for you to develop your brand in such a way that makes your people want to engage with it.

Find out how we do that in the House of Brand Therapy.